Tournament format is Round Robin and placement games. Open and Women divisons.


5 players per team on the field.
Maximum 16 players per team.
The field’s outer dimensions are 75 x 25m, end zones are 15m deep, brick point is 10m from the end zone. (BULA’s specs for beach ultimate)
Stall count to 10.
Games are played to 13 goals .
Game time is 45 min.

A game is finished and won by the first team to score thirteen (13) goals.
A game is separated into two (2) periods of play, called halves. Half time occurs when a team first scores seven (7) goals.

Each team may take one (1) time-out per game.
Time-out is 90 seconds.

WFDF’s official rules apply.


Games are played on natural sand at Pärnu Beach.
There will be 3-4 fields depending how many teams are registered.